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[Image description: A painting of three unicorns prancing in water. The unicorns are all white with spiral horns. All of them are facing our left, mostly in three-quarter profile. The sky and water are dark blue with splashes of white. Image obtained from Pixabay.com]

Hi everyone, I was writing a post about how we nonprofits can be more environmentally friendly. But yesterday was National Unicorn Day, so colleagues emailed me unicorn pictures and name generators. One of these generators has me as “Dandelion Pretty Pony” and has this description: “Dandelion is a little bit crazy. He is as pretty as a picture, and he brings the sunshine and chases away clouds.” Does that sound like me at all? Does that sound like any of us?! Not to mention it is insensitive to people with mental illness. 

Like all of you, I’ve been kept awake by the sad and disrespectful state of unicorn name generators. So instead of finishing the post on being green—it’ll be published next Monday—I created a unicorn name chart specifically for us nonprofit (including foundation) unicorns. Find out what your #nonprofitunicornname and title are, and write them in the comment section. Don’t forget your nonprofit’s unicorn name, based on your org’s acronym. Share this post with your friends and colleagues. 

Here’s a PDF file you can print (or not print) for your next board meeting, staff meeting, or volunteer orientation. 

You’re welcome!


Cerulean Dappled Sunrise, the Breath of Meetings 

[Image description: It is a screenshot of the PDF file mentioned in the article and has five columns filled with various adjectives and nouns. You can click the link “PDF file” in the second paragraph of this post to read the full text]

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  • Alli Trask

    Tender Dizzy Darkness, Whisperer of Innovation

  • Liesl Odenweller

    Dancing Dappled Sunset, Tamer of Community!

  • Bonnie Schroeder

    Sunny Royal Moonbeam, Avenger of Innovation!

  • Lin Rhoney

    Vermillion Flowing Glitter, healer of Left Over Snacks

  • Melissa B

    Whirling Sparkle Bubbles, Harbinger of Meetings

  • Heidi Warren

    Flaring Pastel Brambles, Avenger of Community

  • Holly McGregor Anderson

    Flaring Dizzy Hooves… Heart of Data.

  • David Biemesderfer

    Whispering Crystal Bubbles, Conjurer of Sustainability!

  • Tia Ciferno

    Falling Dizzy Nebula, Seeker of Meetings 🙃

  • Lisa Barton

    Dancing Crystal Brambles
    Heart of Justice

  • Virginia Nugent

    Cerulean Dizzy Starfire
    Harvester of Flipcharts.

    My joke job title is Grand Pooh Bah.

  • Eileen Nooney

    Feisty Dappled Starfire, Tamer of Emails!

  • Amanda K

    Tender Peaceful Maelstrom
    Wielder of Diversity!

  • Jackie Moore

    Rising Sparkle Wings, Face of Wishes

  • Sandra Boone

    Sassy Silver Bubbles, Healer of Data

  • Feisty Sudden Bubbles, Conjure of Sustainability. It’s PERFECT!!

  • Jill Gordon

    Rising Flowing Pulsar, Face of Community

  • Anne Collins Sweeney

    Tender Magic Moonbeam, Avenger of Community

  • Sunny Dizzy Darkness, Heart of Special Events

  • Brenda_P_SoPo

    I’m a little disappointed – Sunny Royal Comet, Heart of Flipcharts 🙂

  • emaraf01

    Feisty Dizzy Wings, Healer of Sticky Dots

  • Pam Anderson

    Buttery Royal Hooves, Breath of Community. Well I do community development, so I guess it’s close.

  • Stephanie McGencey

    Sassy Crystal Wings, Harvester of Sustainability-from this fun exercise to God’s ears-SUSTAINABILITY!

  • Diana Forbus

    Whispering Nocturnal Manes, Seeker of Wishes.

  • Jen C.

    Rising Royal Nebula, Healer of Meetings

  • Michelle J Smith

    Whirling Crystal Moonbeam, Conjurer of Meetings

  • Bad Horse

    Whirling Nocturnal Dandelions, Whisperer of Synergy.

  • Voice of Reason

    Tender pastel nostril-moonbeam (hyphenated last name), healer of equity

  • Lin Nelson-Mayson

    Dancing Flowing Starfire-Wings, Tamer of Major Donors!

  • Elizabeth Berman

    Feisty Nocturnal Bubbles, Healer of Conference Calls (this sounds like I pass gas during late-night teleconferences to lighten the mood!)

  • Elie Porter Trubert

    Feisty Regal Darkness, Whisperer of Community

  • MBU’town

    Whirling Sugar Maelstrom, Conjurer of Icebreakers

  • Tender Bubbles, Whisperer of Board Members..well part of my job is Board Liaison so I guess it works…

  • abstract668

    Tender Dappled Hooves, Face of Paradigms

  • Mary Sue Greiner

    Whirling Nocturnal Pulsar, Face of Inclusion

  • Lillian Murphy

    Dancing Royal Wings, Healer of Crappy Printers – ! As an administrative assistant, this totally fits.

  • Sophie Nimmannit

    Sassy Spotted Starfire, Avenger of Diversity!

  • Cheryl Slavin

    Vermillion Royal Moonbeam, Avenger of Data! I’m going to invoke this persona every time I have to ask my colleagues for reporting data. Happy Unicorn Day!

  • Shellie Casey-Hoffman

    Whirling Dizzy Nebula, Harbinger of Justice – I like it.

  • Sophie Nimmannit

    wait… is this just a way to gather our birthdays?

    • Rhiannon Orizaga

      and send us hummus on our birthdays? No complaints here.

  • betty barcode

    Vermilion Dizzy Sunflower, Healer of Data.
    Since I am a librarian, I can legitimately work that into a mission statement or strategic plan somewhere.

  • Kirsten ten Brink

    Moody Spotted Darkness, Seeker of Silent Auctions.


  • DallasRising

    Whispering Flowing Dandilions, Whisperer of Volunteers

  • Wendy Leonard

    Beloved Royal Sunrise, Harbinger of Wishes……I think I love this!

  • Peggy Schick

    Whirling Crystal Moonbeam, Breath of Justice!

  • Shana Bradley

    Sassy Sudden Bubbles, Breath of In-Kind Donations (should probably lay off the carbonated beverages…).

  • Mary Dillon

    Whirling Magic Glitter Avenger of Founders Syndrome

  • Y. Caldera-Durant

    Carefree Nebula Glitter. Seeker of Meetings. I’m all about connecting people so this works for me.

  • Susan Miller Cornforth

    Sassy Organic Nebula, Wielder of White Papers. Truth!

  • Carol Clarke

    This post is only 3 seconds long, and still you had me snorting into my chai tea, Mr. Le. With deep appreciation for your wanton wit from Vermillion Distant Nebula, Tamer of Community.

  • Rachel watts

    Ephemeral Sudden Brambles, Whisperer of Justice.
    The title is so what I am am going with from now on!!!

  • Gretchen Bourg

    “Fluffy Royal Bubbles, Tamer of Innovation” Does this make me a flatulent unicorn who is afraid of change?!

  • Lysne Beckwith Tait

    Dancing Sugar Darkness, Face of Paradigims

  • Ellen Yin-Wycoff

    Feisty Organic Rainbow-Brambles, Tamer of Volunteers. Love it!

  • Erin

    Feisty Pastel Moonbeam, Seeker of Left-over Snacks.

    Hilarious – just what I needed today. Thanks, Vu!

  • Sharon Odden

    Sassy Royal Sunset, Whisperer of Flipcharts
    Since I am about to turn 70 (and only feel 40), the sunset fits? I am in the sunset years, but I’m not letting that stop me from gaining control of those flipcharts as we do strategic planning for Family Promise of Great Falls! Thanks for making my Monday suck a little less!

  • Crystal Ware

    Vermillion Dizzy Brambles, Heart of Retreats

    I love retreats! Definitely don’t do enough retreats.

  • Madeline Taylor Fish

    Whirling Pastel Manes. Harvester of Board Members. Well, this is certainly an auspicious way to start the week! I wonder what the BM’s would think!

  • ebowley

    Fiesty Dizzy Bubbles, the Whisperer of Cashflow, shall be using this name generator as the trust-building exercise at the board meeting she is chairing this evening, whether anyone likes it or not! 😉

  • annienergy

    Tender Dizzy Wings, Conjurer of Diversity. This is appropriate on so many levels.

  • Maureen Kehler

    Whirling Crystal Maelstrom, Breath of Major Donors. I wish.

    • Rhiannon Orizaga

      That’s quite a name!

  • Karen Deschere

    Ha! Moody Royal Glitter Seeker of Synergy! The moody and seeker of synergy definitely fit. Thanks, Vu!

  • Carrie Harrington

    Vermillion Royal Briar, Wielder of Synergy! Love it. 🙂

  • Rhiannon Orizaga

    Ephemeral Hidden Sunset, Healer of Silent Auctions. Thanks, this is great!

  • P Naldrett

    Buttery ? Magic Starfire Heart of Equity

    Not sure about Buttery 🙂 but heart of equity rings true.

  • How fun! I’m Tender Spotted Pulsar – Seeker of Innovation.

  • Carol Drury

    Vermillion Royal Glitter, Wielder of Synergy!

  • Julie Payne

    Rising Silver Comet, Breath of Hummus. I am new to the field and always snacking at my desk!

  • Melinda Johnson

    Whirling Silver Nostrils, Wielder of Cashflow – ha! I’m the Administrative Manager and handle all our finance functions, so that totally works 🙂

  • dunwithitall

    Whispering Dizzy Dandelions, Healer of Board Members. Why, I think that’s a perfect fit!

  • Brooklyn11210

    I didn’t really think I could love you more, but now I do. Signed, Dancing Royal Pulsar, Conjurer of In-kind Donations

  • Emma

    Feisty Spotted-Dizzy Moonbeam, Breath of Conference Calls. This really made my Monday way better! Thank you!

  • Bethany Flood

    Sunny Crystal Manes, Tamer of Special Events. =)

  • trishka

    buttery crystal brambles, whisperer of crappy printers

  • Sally Cross

    Sassy Crystal Nebula, Whisper of Capacity – love this! Made my Monday.

  • Emma Reed

    Feisty Flowing Nostrils FTW!

  • Karen Senger

    Moody Sugar Moonbeam, Tamer of Innovation (I’ll translate that to making crazy ideas more realistic.) Thanks, Vu! Needed this on a Monday.

  • Maureen Fallon Saccomani

    Whirling Royal Moonbeam, Face of Wishes…Henceforth it is how I will be known.

  • Allison McNally

    Tender Royal Wings, Healer of Wishes……as a project manager, I too wish to soar with wishful thinking, yet recognize the intrusion of reality…

  • Frances Pate Deviney

    Silly Regal Glitter, Seeker of Paradigms!! Totally putting this on my business card!

  • Patricia Day TenEyck

    Buttery Sparkle Darkness (!?!!?!), Avenger of Founder’s Syndrome
    Buttery has me a bit thrown off 🙂

  • Lorraine Thomas

    Dancing Flowing Darkness, Healer of Volunteers. Bwahahahaha.

  • Erin Cartwright

    Feisty Flowing Organic Nebula, Harvester of Paradigms! (I have 2 middle names)

  • Jocelyn Furbush

    Rising Royal Manes, Healer of Founder’s Syndrome. Most auspicious as I work to transition from the non-profit I founded 7 years ago.

  • digopheliadug

    Whirling Royal Maelstrom, Wielder of Volunteers. How does one wield a volunteer? And if anyone does wield volunteers at our org, it’s definitely not me. Still funny. 🙂

  • Sarwriter

    Sassy Royal Briar, Avenger of Justice. Nothing like being a sassy avenger.

  • Melanie Katz

    I’m Whirling Royal Maelstrom – Whisperer of Cashflow! Yes to the first part…

  • Dawn Veillette Diana

    Whispering Dizzy Sunflower Glitter, Avenger of Paradigms! Always wanted to be an Avenger!

  • Taylor Jones

    Falling Flowing Nostrils (!??!!!??), wielder of crappy printers. Wow majestic!!

  • Kim Schell

    Whirling Silver Moonbeam

  • Justus Eisfeld

    Ouch. I believe Raising Dappled Tail, Harbinger of Hummus has indigestion…

    • Justus, where do you think hummus comes from that it tastes so magical?

      • Justus Eisfeld

        Are you trying to tell me that you don’t *actually* like hummus?!? Illusion -> shattered!!! 🙂

  • Susan Gregory

    Dancing Dappled Moonbeam, Seeker of Founder’s Syndrome—as the person in the organization often tasked with dredging up the history–this seems oddly appropriate. Vu you should set up a 3D printing factory so we can order our unicorns–like little pretty ponies–make money for your organization

  • K D B

    Moody Sparkle Bubbles, Avenger of Founder’s Syndrome

  • Philina McNeil

    Buttery Royal WIngs, Heart of Major Donors. LOL =)

  • leighalice

    Dancing Royal Pulsar, Tamer of Capacity.
    Man, do I love this!

  • Jeanne

    Rising Dizzy Bubbles Tamer of Sustainability – sounds like a lot of hard work and beer drinking!

  • Willa Jessee

    Beloved Dizzy Nostrils, Avenger of Flip Charts, from Tiny Royal Hooves Sunset- not so happy about the Nostrils part, but if I use my husbands name, I get to be Beloved Dizzy Sunrise, which sounds WAY more unicorny to me…

  • Tanya Baker

    Falling Peaceful Bubbles, Breath of Major Donors (ewww)

  • Mary Alina

    Whirling Royal Nebula… Wielder of Cashflow!

  • Stacey S

    Tender Crystal Moonbeam, Harbinger of Board Members — I need to tap into this skill, definitely not doing my orgs justice

  • Hold Media Accountable

    Shiny Crystal Comet, Conjurer of Leftovers… I think the leftovers conjure themselves. Lol.


    Rising Royal Dandelions–avenger of sticky dots

  • LongmontKathy

    I’m Moody Crystal Comet, Harbinger of Synergy! I hope so!

  • Aisha Diane

    Tender Sparkle Manes, Wielder of Conference Calls!!! Bahahaha, the one thing I hate the most but we’re so darn good at….unnecessary meetings and conference calls.

  • Ken Ristine

    Moody Serene Dandelions, Face of Conference Calls

  • Tom David

    Falling Sudden Glitter, Healer of Crappy Printers
    (don’t I wish!)

  • Dina Elenbaas

    Whispering Magic Tail, Healer of Capacity

    How does one heal capacity? WHO KNOWS

  • Karyl Griffin

    Moody Royal Pulsar Brambles, Harbinger of Conference Calls at your service!

  • Russell Murphy

    Ephemeral Nocturnal Wings, Heart of Sticky Dots


  • Shonda Sides

    Sassy Royal Moonbeam, Seeker of White Papers…..Fantastic!

  • I am Sassy Royal Nebula, Seeker of Meetings!

  • Tricia Hein

    Falling Briar, Avenger of Special Events- now I know what the heading on my resume is going to

  • Save Snail Mail

    Whispering Dizzy Bubbles, Tamer of Emails at Innovative
    Royal Maelstrom.

  • Lisa Beauchamp Tyler

    Dancing Dizzy Darkness, Whisperer of Sustainability

  • Ginny Lang

    Cerulean Sparkle Sunrise, Face of Innovation….works for me.

  • Abigail Soto

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/64f4516aabef0e20ca5a4bc7933cea97929b4760ea8cd35847fd1c9eb44751a3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fea471536d5e76fd4f4ee18cd9c0c4a405db6d267b2a52e3646fa462cc1d39e0.jpg

    My coworker friends and I busted out our craft supplies for a crafty unicorn themed lunch inspired by this amazing post! We’ve been laughing our butts off all week about this!

  • Rene Hamlin

    Ephemeral Royal Briar, Heart of Major Donors

  • Suzanne Savell

    Moonbeam Moonbeam Moonbeam, Avenger of Founder’s Syndrome.

  • Suzanne Savell

    Oops, messed up: Sassy Noctural Moonbeam – Avenger of Founder’s Syndrome!

  • Flaring Nocturnal Manes, Healer of Synergy. Synergy! *shudders*

  • Jenny Stephens

    Rising Royal Moonbeam Conjurer of Conference Calls

  • Michelle T. Merola

    Whirling Pastel Wings, Tamer of Crappy Printers — Not only do I LOVE it, but it is accurate!