ED Happy Hour

I recommend all EDs and CEOs (past, present, and in-recovery) to join the EDHH Facebook Group, which is a virtual community for nonprofit executive leaders. It’s an amazing group of very supportive individuals who are also hilarious. Go there to ask questions, seek advice, give advice, and realize that you are not alone. There is a vetting process, so if your title is not obvious in your FB profile or LinkedIn page, it may take a long time. 

Meanwhile, there are also in-person meetings of EDs/CEOs. It is usually a time one a month for us EDs to get together and discuss capacity building, cultural competency, and best practices.

JUST KIDDING!!! It’s just a bunch of EDs getting together to drink and complain about stuff. Well, and also to talk about ED standards of conduct, like these 13 EDiquette every ED should follow. If you’re in Seattle or there-about, we meet on the second Friday of each month from 4pm to 7pm. Sign up for the mailing list and get reminders.

If you’re not in Seattle, think about opening a branch on EDHH in your City. There are branches now popping up in different city, but unfortunately I haven’t really been able to track them. Here’s the TOOLKIT in case you want to open a branch. The kit is just a guide. The only three rules to be an official EDHH branch are: You can’t charge members anything to attend, you can’t have a formal agenda, and you must only allow in EDs/CEOs and former EDs/CEOs.