Support Groups

There are several online communities that formed out of NAF, or are otherwise just awesome. I recommend you join one or more of them:

Nonprofit Happy Hour (NPHH), an international peer support group for nonprofit professionals, a place for amazing, talented, smart, and ridiculously good-looking nonprofit unicorns to ask questions, share important information and jokes, and provide and receive advice on nonprofit challenges.

ED Happy Hour (EDHH), an international peer support group for current or recovering nonprofit EDs/CEOs. There is a vetting process, so if your title is not obvious in your FB profile or LinkedIn page, it may take a long time. (Meanwhile, if you are in or around Seattle, there are also in-person meetings of EDs/CEOs. Sign up for the mailing list and get reminders. If you’re not in Seattle, check in with EDHH to see if there’s a gathering in your city. Or start one with this TOOLKIT)

EDs of Color (EDOC), a group of executive directors/CEOs who are of color, because we deal with different and additional challenges in addition to the regular challenges. Please don’t try to join this group unless you are of color. 

More groups may be added.